Back in 1969 Charley and Mary Burkett were asked by Paw Paw Schools to create an adult education class in theater.  When the very first class met, the students informed Charley that they didn’t want learn about plays, they wanted to perform plays. The Village Players was born and the rest is history.

At one point the old Baptist Church became available and Charley jumped at the chance. What director wouldn’t love to own his own theater after all!

That building remained the home of the Players for more than 40 years and only recently were we afforded the opportunity to move to a newer venue with a larger stage, more seating capacity, barrier-free access and a great landlord.

Freshwater Community Church has welcomed the Village Players with open arms and we are so looking forward to performing on that fabulous stage. However Freshwater is going into a period of construction that, while not affecting their church services, will not allow the Players to perform for some time, primarily because of little or no storage space during construction.

We will announce our grand reopening which we expect will be late 2017 or early 2018. Watch our website for all the details.